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Manufacturer History

Manufacturer History
Soyyigit Group, which has been operating in food sector since 1960s, executed the distribution of various brands in marketing and service fields during the company’s establishment phases.

In 1980s, it moved it’s headquarter to Istanbul in order to reach a wider audience.

1990 was the year company moved into its present 7000 m2 head office in Gaziosmanpasa professional staff.

In the same year, Soyyigit Group incorporated the 7000 m2 Aysan Oil Factory and became a manufacturer company.

In 2001, the Group also incorporated the 6500 m2 KENT BORINGER Powder Food Production Facility and modernized it with the latest technology. As a result, the plant began to make production under hygienic conditions in compliance with international and Turkish food codex/

In 2002, the progress was maintained by establishing a professional, motorized sales team with a total of 70 vehicles, 10 of which were of delivery.

Soyyigit Group, which has started to export its products to 4 continents in 2003, it today conveying its products to a wide audience in more than 40 countries all over the world.

In 2005, the 2000 m2 Yigit Tea Production Facility was incorporated by Soyyigit Group.

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