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      How It Works

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to work with us. You can record dictations in our toll-free telephone dictation machine (rate 9 cents/line) OR you can use your personal digital recorder (rate 8 cents/line)

If you do not have a digital recorder, you can try our service through a one-week free trial using our toll-free telephone dictation machine, and later switch to digital recorder mode once you decide to sign-up with us.

Recording & Sending Dictations

Toll Free Telephone
  1. Dial: (800) 321-8535 
  2. Enter your ID number followed by the # key (sign-up for a free trial to get your ID number) 
  3. After recording beep, please mention your name and start recording your dictation.
  4. Simply hang-up to close recording or use other functions (more dictation machine functions like pause, rewind, launch a new dictation, etc. will be provided with free trial information)
Digital Recorder
  1. Record dictations in your digital recorder
  2. Transfer dictation files to your computer
  3. Simply email these to our email address (sign-up for a free trial to get our dictation email address).

After successful completion of the free trial you can also opt to send us your dictations via our secure FTP. You can get a good quality digital recorder for approx. $200 (Olympus DS-660) from any famous online store like,,, etc

Returning Transcribed Reports
Receive your reports in your PC using our simple to use 128-bit SSL secure web-based platform. Our normal delivery time for sending transcribed reports to our clients in the US is 9:00am Eastern Time (valid for dictations dictated as late as 9:00pm Eastern Time).

Free Trial
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