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      Rates, Turnaround Time & Agreement


Mode of Recording Dictation Rate
  Digital Recorder (client owned)

8 cents / line

  Toll Free Telephone Service

9 cents / line

All rates are based on a line definition of 65-character with spaces. Only space between words is counted, while empty lines, tabs, headers, footers, standard templates and hard enters are not counted. We use standard word count utility of MS Word to calculate characters with spaces. For more clarity we can provide our daily 65-character line-count figure during the free trial.

Turnaround TimeOur normal delivery time for transcribed reports to our clients in North America is 9:00am Eastern Standard Time (valid for dictations dictated as late as 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time the previous night).

AgreementIn compliance with HIPAA regulations, we prefer a business associate agreement as well as a service agreement. To request a copy of the above agreements, click here.

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