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Flat Towels
Towels stacked on a shelf can sometimes become flattened. Ironing can also have the same effect and is not generally recommended for towels. If your towels look flat either after you have bought them or when they have perhaps been stored in your linen cupboard for awhile, it is easy to bring them back to pristine condition. Simply wash the towel normally, then tumble dry or line dry.

Pulled Threads
If you see a pulled loop in your towels, just snip the loop off with a pair of sharp scissors. Towels by Elizabeth towels are woven, not knitted, so a pulled loop will not unravel the fabric. Cutting off loose threads does not affect the absorption; softne
ss or durability of the towels.

Washing With Care.
To keep your towels as soft and fluffy as the day you bought them, always FOLLOW THE WASHING INSTRUCTIONS on the label. Use the recommended washing programme. DO NOT DRY CLEAN/GENTLE WASH ONLY. DO WASH DEEP OR BRIGHT COLOURS SEPARATELY. The majority of washing powders contain optical brightening agents (OBA's) which are excellent for keeping ""whites"" looking white but they will make some pastel shades look pale and faded. This effect will be minimized if you follow the washing instructions, but if you want to ensure your towels stay looking bright, find a detergent that does not contain OBA's and wash your towels separately.

It is important to use the detergent manufacturer's recommended amount of washing powder or liquid; furthermore, the powder or liquid should not come into direct contact with the towels. The chemicals in detergents can cause discolouration if they are used in too high concentration. Fabric conditioners should be used according to manufacturer's instructions. Frequent washing in these will eventually leave a fine coating on the fibres; this coating can reduce the absorbency of the towel. Excessive use of fabric conditioners will not improve the 'feel' of the towel and will increase the risk of pulled threads.

Careful Handling
It is important to realise that some of the everyday items we use at home, such as facial cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide and both liquid and powdered toilet cleaners, can damage a towel if they come into direct contact. If your hands are not rinsed thoroughly of these products with water before a towel is used, the affected areas of the towel will permanently lose their colour when the towel is washed. Nothing can be done to restore the colour to a patchy towel. If your towel does come into contact with one of the mentioned alkaline substances, gently wash off with COLD water before laundering to minimise the effects. If washed and treated correctly, your towel will give you many years of good service and will remain wonderfully absorbent and superbly soft to touch.

Important Towel Care Tips

  • Launder frequently with soft water and detergent.
  • Wash colors separately from whites, and do not use bleach on colors.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions and rinse thoroughly.
  • Use fabric softeners occasionally. Overuse will cause your towels to stiffen and become less absorbent.
  • If drying by hanging, shake towel once while still wet, and again after dry. This will fluff the terry loops.
  • Dry thoroughly in a tumble dryer.
  • Do not iron towels as it reduces absorbency.


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